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Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn’t know came along and did it.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

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The strong point is the interdisciplinary approach, this is the basis from which we start and implement our ideas.

Officine IADR wants to become an incubator of ideas and projects. It has the goal of transforming products and services into real.

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Client Architecture
    • Architectural design
    • Competition
  • Business Architecture
    • Large works contracts
    • Urban Planning
  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • 10% Time
  • “Big Projects” (incubator)
  • R&D Engineering Architecture Design


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Is the intersection of design and business strategy and aims to unite business goals with creative solutions that transcend aesthetics.

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Thinks, develops and produces technological ideas and services for Engineering, Architecture and Design


We are a project factory. We strive to fuse the best of technology and design innovation into products and services built around you. We believe so much in the power of innovation that we gladly welcome partnerships to contribute in turning our projects into successes.


Officine IADR was created to think, develop and produce ideas and services in the fields of engineering, architecture, design and research.
Our team, composed by young Architects, Engineers and Designers, found that the traditional method of environment relief needed a really long time of execution and was conditioned by many human errors.


At the heart of Officine IADR is a method, key to envision truly innovative projects with a broad and solid range. We incorporate Engineering, Architecture, and Design experiences in our projects, together with the future driven commitment of a dedicated R&D team.


  • Avant-garde: Our concept of innovation moves the bar a little higher, and the goal a little further. That's why we like to talk about avant-garde, because it's the state of mind that guides our choices and is imprinted in each of our projects. A line of conscious evolution, a series of concrete innovations.
  • High technology - Low impact: Our idea of participation in Industry 4.0 comes from the tension between two concepts that are anything but antagonistic. Where innovation technology meets attention to the environmental impact of production, there you will find our products and services.
  • Partnership as a Strategy: We were born as an associated firm, today we grow with a strategy strongly based on sharing. Our strategic center of broad and vertical know-how, continuous training and research as the driving axes of our business are not a closed system: we believe in the value of solid alliances that lead projects to market success.
  • Sharing ambitions: We believe that harmony in the company is a value to be protected and cultivated. That is why we choose to foster relationships based on respect for each other's skills, open exchange of opinions and teamwork as a competitive resource. We prize with conviction the relationship between responsibility and results.
  • Agile and Glocal: Officine IADR has a name with an ancient flavor and a modern soul. From our origins we draw the sensitivity towards the territory, the respect for the environment and a production oriented to a conscious consumption of resources; but our horizons are wide and always looking for the smartest ways to achieve our most ambitious goals.



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Thinks, develops and produces technological ideas and services for Engineering, Architecture and Design

Big Projects

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